Tuesday, June 8, 2010


ting tong^^ weheee im back flying high,yaa today getting bored-,-so im ask my fther for go to JJ,haha smate mate nk bli buku word search:)hehe then meet akmal,bella:)haha my mummy gaga okay was hot at that time smpai ada amirer *wewitt,haha imissyouu gyeahh both of u;D then trying spend my time wth my lovely father bfore dia flight pergi sarawak esok,huuuu sobssobs hmm nevermindd , its all about tournement golf,i understnd gyeahh and ihope u can do the best ya dad as alwys u did it:)
so start from tommorrow i'll alwys stay wth my mum^^untill next week,hee i can't wait too meet my fther next week:)

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