Saturday, June 26, 2010


idk how's to start(; but i just got my resulrt.i mean exam' paperr . its bad too! hrmm im sorry!i know i make youu dissapointed rite?im a bit touching of your word-_- i know you're not meant it:) but its okayyy. i love your advised .i'll keep inside my mind and thnik it nicely.

this is wht i feel today-_______-
*note for me;ahha just complite your mission babesss(;

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


ting tong^^ weheee im back flying high,yaa today getting bored-,-so im ask my fther for go to JJ,haha smate mate nk bli buku word search:)hehe then meet akmal,bella:)haha my mummy gaga okay was hot at that time smpai ada amirer *wewitt,haha imissyouu gyeahh both of u;D then trying spend my time wth my lovely father bfore dia flight pergi sarawak esok,huuuu sobssobs hmm nevermindd , its all about tournement golf,i understnd gyeahh and ihope u can do the best ya dad as alwys u did it:)
so start from tommorrow i'll alwys stay wth my mum^^untill next week,hee i can't wait too meet my fther next week:)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

please give back my superchot,

you know wht? i miss you badly qudryna:)i just can't wait too see bored without
your jokes, HAHHA your voice , your laugh , your smile and your nose too-__________-

Thursday, June 3, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO YOUU!HAPPY BITHDAY TOO YOU!HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO YOUU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO SIS EVA:)HAHA nah tuaa dahh kan?HAHA hope smge pnjng umur n murah rezeki,gudlck in evrythngs that u do:)im miss our old moment togther^^im sorry wht i've done for youu this before,thanks a lot for learnt me evrythings and im appreciate it and and and thanks to be my best ever sis that i nver had n im proud to be your sis:)

its OVER

hooreyy hooreyy^^haha excited mcm dah grade amek degree semua kan?padahal baruu hbis exm's mid year:)huu finally hbis jugak siap smpat brhnti dua hari then smbung balik one week and now im free,free from that paper,haha huh act agak susah lg lg sejarah.yg untk monthly test mmg semua failed,tade sorng pun lulus-,-hm ta tau laa but im trying hardesstttt:(,kmhiran geografi pulak,the most subjct yg paling i ta sukaa even teacher ajarr best sgt siap terang satu persatu,tunjuk batu batu yg ada dkat dunia nei tp ta semua laa,haha mmg best even yg kita thu batu nisan,batu jalan raya, rite?haha yess,i learnt more bout it:)i hope i can chnge my way to try love that subjct,hmm and maths,bm,bi,perdagngn,p.i,seni lukiss phewww like just i can't breath--,--dffrnt sgt ta mcm form3 duluu,write esei skit jee kn?now dh bole hbis satu test pad dah,haha bnyak kan?i hope hasil diaa pun bnyak,fuhh-,-and now i just can pray that i can get the best mark as i did:(okay teacher please keep n save my paper for a while bfore i saw it,bcuse it wnna make me cry,huwargggh but i hope its not wht im think,feewwww*big smile

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

hey young world,

Hello-o,yaa im nor amira balqish bte abu jalil and you?haha yeahh this is my scnd blog:) yg lama dah delete that tittle"Giggle",bcause complicted skit ,that bolg tuu share with my beloved partner a.k.a qudryna ,ahha so i decided nk buat baruu^^
so this is my OFFICIAL blog:)weee evry news 're here so let's start read;D